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De-Jure Consulting Inc was founded in Moscow by practicing lawyers in 1990. Now it is a professional partnership operating on the basis of the Federal Law on Attorney’s Activity and Advocacy of the Russian Federation.
Lawyers of De-Jure Consulting Inc are members of the Bar Chambers of Moscow Region and are licensed as foreign legal consultants by the Law Society of Upper Canada. The Toronto office was opened to assist the increasing number of our clients engaged in inter-jurisdictional commercial and non-commercial matters. Our service is oriented towards both Canadian companies, interested in the Russian market and Russian companies, that operate in Canada or plan to enter its market.
Since 2006 De-Jure Consulting Inc has been a member of Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association and a member of Russian-Canadian Business Association.

Our regulatory bodies are:
  • The Bar Chambers of Moscow Region
  • The Federal Bar of the Russian Federation
  • The Law Society of Upper Canada

dejure-officeThrough our alliance with partners in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan we offer a range of services across the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Advocate Bureau “De-Jure” is awarded a Diploma of Moscow Region Bar Association for effective advocacy and responsible performance of duties imposed on advocacy of the Russian Federation.

dejure-officeVictor Vitoldocitch Jdanovitch, President of De-Jure Consulting Inc and a lawyer is awarded Second Degree Medal for protecting people rights and freedoms, Certificate of Honour by Moscow Region Duma for contribution to protection of rights and lawful interests of people and organizations in Moscow Region and promotion of the culture of law and legal awareness among people.

dejure-officeIgor Yaroslavovitch Lesho, a founder and a lawyer is awarded second degree medal for services on protecting rights and freedoms of people, Charter of Federal Association Bar of Russia for his great contribution to the case of protecting rights and freedoms of Russian people , legal advice of high proficiency rendered to organizations of the Moscow Region.

  1. The Moscow Regional Bar
  2. The Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation
  3. The Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation
  4. The Federal Arbitration court of Moscow circuit
  5. The Arbitration court of the city of Moscow
  6. The Supreme court of the Russian Federation
  7. The European Court of Human Rights
  8. The Federal Tax Service
  9. General Prosecutorís Office of the Russian Federation
  10. Ministry of the Interior of Russia
  11. The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation
  12. Federal Financial Markets Service (former Federal Commission on Securities Markets)
  13. The regional branch of the Federal Financial Markets Service

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